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The Covid-19 Impact

As the pandemic throws the world off track, we accompany you through the crisis with special content, exploring its impact on the beauty industry

Webinars for the Global Beauty Community

Reshaping The Future of Fragrance

The fragrance category was already showing signs of fatigue before COVID-19. Now with the pandemic, the fragrance sector is faced with new, rapidly changing consumer attitudes and needs. BEAUTYSTREAMS presents our forecast of how these societal and consumer lifestyle trends will impact the future of fragrance.

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The CosmoTrends Report Bologna 2020

 This year amid the pandemic, BEAUTYSTREAMS x COSMOPROF continue to present the official CosmoTrends Report to highlight directional products from exhibitors. Join a webinar for an exclusive insight into the 2020 CosmoTrends Report as Laura Ziv, Executive Editor, walks you through the selections. Discover what’s new this year from emerging brands to innovations in different beauty categories. 

Speaker: Laura Ziv, BEAUTYSTREAMS Executive Editor.

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In Science We Trust: The Return of Medical Credentialism

Consumer demands and expectations are evolving more rapidly than expected in 2020, due to the global health crisis. While sustainability remains one of the key drivers for making purchase decisions, scientific credentialism is expected to take center stage for years to come. The main challenge will be to make products safe and efficient, yet also to offer more sustainable and cleaner solutions. From scientifically-backed traditional Eastern medicine via the science of epigenetics and multi-biotics, BEAUTYSTREAMS will map out future ingredients and claim territories that will resonate with consumers craving true efficiency. 

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Embracing a New Era: Resetting Industry Fundamentals

Every crisis offers an opportunity to rethink society and business. After recent months of lockdown around the world, there is far-reaching impact beyond the actual health pandemic. BEAUTYSTREAMS presents their insights on this disruptive shift in consumer lifestyle and mindset, and forecasts ways for the beauty industry to evolve towards a more sustainable, ethical, and prosperous future.

Speaker: Michael Nolte, BEAUTYSTREAMS Creative Director.

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The Psychological & Behavioral Impact of the Crisis

Recent events have upended the way that consumers live, accelerating a long-term shift in values and priorities that have been emerging for some time. Join the latest BEAUTYSTREAMS webinar which explores the psychological and behavioral impact of the crisis. We analyze the evolution towards empathic consumption, health escapism, revenge spending, and other trends which will continue long after worldwide lockdowns subside and economies restart. 

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Efficiency During the Crisis & Beyond: Insights from the BEAUTYSTREAMS Work Model

The Covid-19 crisis has shown us the importance of agile companies and work systems. Now even as some countries are emerging from lockdowns, remote work is set to become a prevalent model in the next years. Since our inception ten years ago, BEAUTYSTREAMS has been successfully operating on a “Remote Hive Synergy” work structure, which allows seamless exchange with our teams worldwide. It is a highly effective model that has proven beneficial to both the company and the individual. Through this special webinar, we openly present our unique work system, with the sincere hope that you will find helpful insights for you and your company during this crisis and beyond. 

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THE COVID-19 CRISIS: What Comes Next ? Beauty Industry Challenges & Implications

For past several months, the COVID-19 virus has been making its way around the world. With it brings a wave of fear, panic, and confusion, tremendously impacting on all industries. We at BEAUTYSTREAMS are here to accompany you and offer our support during this crisis. Our team worldwide has come together to analyze and forecast the effects of the virus pandemic on the global beauty industry. Join us as we present our perspectives in a special webinar.

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